Video & Media Production

The internet is changing; and video, once considered to be too robust for web consumption, has become commonplace, almost expected. What this means for business owners is that they need to be thinking of creative ways to get their information to the masses using video. Lucky for you we’ve got some experience in video production and editing, and we know exactly how to use the web to get your video content to the world.

YouTube, whether you like it or not, has shown the world that people love to watch video online. With millions of people flocking to YouTube every single day it offers a level of exposure that before was only available to those with the budgets to afford it. Not anymore. All it takes is a creative approach and a little technical know-how and you’ll be connecting with a global audience.

Video Production

Video production, or creating/filming the video, is one of the most important parts of the video creation process. It’s important not only to have quality equipment that can produce a clear picture and sound, but also have the creative talent to frame and film a scene correctly. We’ve got the talent, the equipment and the skills, but we need your ideas and your projects. Contact us today with your video idea!

Video Editing

Once the video filming is all finished the task of taking and assembling all of that footage into an effective, finished product is next. Not only do you need the software to do this, there are some creative and technical skills that will also help make this process fruitful. We’ve got the experience and software. With your help we can turn your footage into finished video. Already have the footage and just need an editor? We can do that also!

Getting on Local Television?

If you’re looking to create a higher quality production for placement on local public access television we can also help you with that! We’ll be happy to take your recorded footage and help get it ready for your public access station and your community!