Website Design & Development

At Agee Design we have a passion for using the power of the web to communicate your message as effectively (and attractively) as possible. With Agee Design you’re not just getting a website, you’re getting a solidly-constructed, search-engine friendly, customized marketing tool that will scale up fluidly as you discover new ways to take advantage of the web.

Custom Website Design

We specialize in custom website designs, so you can be sure that your web design is not only unique but also custom-tailored to your needs. Need things a little longer in the sleeve? Not a problem! We also understand that there are different types of websites; Maybe you don’t need a large website with dozens of pages, that’s just fine. But should you need a larger, more complex website, we have the talent and eperience needed to build the website that you need.

We’re a world-class website design firm with experience in creating not only visually stunning, professional websites, but also useable websites that are easy to navigate and user-friendly. If you’ve ever used a website and couldn’t figure out where to click next to get where you wanted to go, then you’ve used a badly-designed website. You can be sure that if you work with us your site won’t be one of those unusable websites. We pride ourself on highly usable design.

We also make use of tried-and-true methodologies for making sure that you’re websited is primed and ready for all of the major search engines. Most people are relying on Google, Yahoo and other search engines to find the sites they’re looking for, not your domain name, so It’s important that you attract those search results. Lucky for you, we’re experts in search engine optimization (SEO).

Are you a podcaster? If so you’re in luck becuase we have extensive experience in building podcasting websites for some of the biggest names in the podcasting world. Looking for a podcast website?. We can even help you add Facebook integration or Facebook Like buttons to your website!

Rich / Web 2.0 / AJAX Web Design & Development

Ah yes, the enigmatic WEB 2.0… What is it? Well, it means several things but most importantly it describes the new techniques we can use to create highly interactive websites. In essence websites begin to behave and look more like traditionally desktop applications. Or, in some cases it means instant feedback. No clicking and waiting on the page to reload with the results from the previous page.

We have great experience with the techniques used to create these rich web applications. So, whether you’re looking for Ajax website development or highly interactive javascript powered web design, you’ve come to the right place! For some simple examples of WEB 2.0 design and development see our front page.

PHP Programming & Development

If you’re looking for a powerful PHP web application, you’re in good hands. Whether you’re creating a new custom application or need some updates to an existing script, we can help. If you’ve never considered what a custom web application might be able to do for your business, we’ll be happy to discuss the possibilities with you, just give us a call!

We understand that you don’t aren’t particularly concerned with which programming language we use as long as it works correctly and it can be updated in the future if need be. The PHP language is highly popular and powerful and allows for very rapid development, keeping your project’s start-to-finish time shorter.

Looking for a custom phpBB theme or custom WordPress theme? We can do that too!

We’ve got a package for you!

We’re trying to take the guesswork out of creating a website. No more budget crawl (or mutation), with our On Budget Guarantee and our various Web Packages you’ll find we’ve taken the pain out of website development. Check out our Web Packages and A La Carte pricing.