Custom PHPbb Theme / Skin

Connecting communities, beautifully!

If you’re looking to match the theme of your phpBB powered forum software to the rest of your site design we can help! We can take your current site design and create a matching phpBB skin to match! We’ll even install it for you if you like!

It’s all about design consistency

It can be pretty startling to your visitors if they visit your forum and it looks completely different from the rest of your website. In some cases they may even think they’ve been redirected to a different website and will leave. You can’t take that risk. If you want your online community to flourish it’s your best bet to make sure you’re presenting a consistent design throughout your entire website. Contact us today for your customized phpBB template.

Don’t have a website already?

No problem we offer a combination package that includes both the time to create the design as well as the time to turn that design into a fully-functionaly phpBB theme!!


Check out our Web Packages & Pricing for rates. Looking for a custom WordPress theme?

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