Website Maintenance

So you’ve taken the leap and now you’ve got a brand new website. It has all of the information that the public should ever need to know about you and then some. Now you can just sit back and watch in awe as your site enjoys returning visitors day in and day out, right? WRONG!

The fact is unless you keep your website updated with relevant information you’re not going to have many people returning to your website on a regular basis. Believe it or not if someone visits your website, and can tell that the information hasn’t been updated in some time, they’re likely to never return. After all, why should they bother to revisit a website that hasn’t been updated for several months, or even worse, years?

Keep your website up to date with our Webmaster Services

Lucky for you we offer webmaster services which gives you the benefits of having a full time, professional web designer on staff without paying the full-time salary. Our webmaster services package includes plenty of time for us to make relavant changes to your website with a minumum turnaround time. Have a change you want to make to your website? Send us an email an we’ll have the change made within 2 business days.

Here’s what you’ll get with your webmaster services package:

  • 5 hours per month of professional webmaster services *
    Whether you’ve just hired a new staff member and need to get their information on your website or you’ve moved to a new location and need to update the address on your website, it’s all covered with your Webmaster Services package!
  • Photo retouching/resizing for up to 5 photos per month
    We have the software and photo retouching skills needed to make sure that your photos look great and load quickly on your website. Send us your unprocessed images and we’ll make all of the necessary changes and get them online (or send them back to you for inclusion in your marketing materials).
$150 per month (valued at over $500) **

Once we’ve received a request for an update we’ll ask any necessary questions, make the changes and send them to you for review before launching. Once the updates are completed we’ll give you an update on how much time you have left on your package for the month. There’s no commitment from you and after the first 3 months ** you can cancel the service at any time!

* 5 hour time allocation resets the last day of each month, time does not rollover to following month and is only usable for the website/domain which the package was purchased for.

** Minimum of 3 months commitment required for all new accounts, to be payed in full and in advance. Af the end of the 3rd month contract can be changed to month-to-month if desired and can be cancelled at any time.